A Dangal against Demonetization

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DangalWhen you know the story of a movie what matters is if the way the story is told can have you riveted to your seat for about 3 hours. And ‘Dangal’ does just that. It even makes you stand up for a national anthem smartly placed in the movie. And for once none is complaining doing that twice during a movie!
Amir deserves the accolades not just for his acting and complete transformation from 6 ‘packs’ to 6 ‘packets’, but also because for once a ‘superstar’ takes a backseat in a Bollywood movie and gives ample screenspace to the characters who deserve it more. No over acting, no spoofs, no forced songs and the ‘supporting cast’ is actually the main lead. Infact, in one of the scenes where his daughter has to fight him, he allows her the upperhand- a dangerous move by any star’s standards. He gets the attitude right, though he falters in the Haryanvi accent.
Dangal is based on the story of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his 2 daughters – Geeta and Babita- who have won commonwealth gold medals despite hailing from Haryana – a state notorious for its girl child abuse issues. Comparing it to a Sultan however mistakenly would be like comparing a Lamborghini to a rickshaw. The story is a normal expected biography- A champion wrestler decides to give up the sport due to financial pressures and fights all odds to make his daughters world champions and realizes his dream. Special accolades to the casting director- Mukesh Chabbria and to the young Sartaz Khan Barna for singing the song – ‘Haanikarak Baapu’ which captures the ethos of the film.
This well layered film makes for complete entertainment and is largely dominated by its female-heavy newcomer cast. Special mention of the director- Nitesh Tiwari- who has directed the fight scenes even better than the actual were. Every scene is well crafted with accurate camera movements. This movie has not just taken away the drought of good Bollywood films but seems to have taken away the woes of demonetization as well- having already clocked Rs. 100 Crore in just 3 days!

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