Baahubali (The Beginning): A Quick Review

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Baahubali Poster 2There has been a lot of hype about Baahubali. Claimed to be for Rs.250 Cr (for 2 parts) and taken more than 3 years to make, KJo’s foray in to South Indian film, Rajamouli’s magnum opus after Eega, even the diet of the hunks Prabhas and Rana are in public domain.

The beginning reminded me of ‘Avataar’, the story a mix of ‘Karan- Arjun’ (Mera beta aayega) and ‘Krishna’, the special demonic language and characters of ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Ring’, the sets of ‘Jodha Akbar’ and the fights of ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Ben-Hur’.
It is a great attempt by the director Rajamouli to bring in the magnum opus. Salute to you sir!!! But despite his best attempts and about Rs. 80 Cr in special effects, the VFX is still found wanting. Most of the background scenes come across as plastic and don’t merge well with the actual sets. The waterfalls, the aerial sequences, the long shots of the palace and even the long shots of the characters look very fake as the animation is not up to the mark.
But when KJo is associated, there is some degree of Bollywood in the romance which appeals to the crowd. The oomph of Tamannah and the jingoism of Rana Dagubatti and Prabhas has the audience thrilled. Some of the songs are avoidable, but then, without them it will no longer be a South India magnum opus I guess. When ‘Baahubali’ dances under a waterfalls, the Liril girl must be running for cover.
The narrative is confusing at times and will make the single screen audience rack their brains.The war scenes are spectacular and make up for all the defects of the movie. Rarely have war scenes been given so much attention to detail in Indian cinema. The VFX suddenly comes up to the mark here. Acting is good though a bit over the top; however the movie manages to keep you engaged through the entire 2hrs, 40 minutes! Ramya Krishnan brings in nostalgia, while Nasseer reminds you of the vicious Shakuni for all the right reasons.

You do realize that it is an old sangria (not wine) in a new bottle…but you still want to get high on it and relish the experience!


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