Brothers: A Quick Review

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Brothers PosterBrothers- the official remake of ”Warrior”- sees Akshay Kumar in one of his best and intense roles. But trying to strike the balance between Bollywood and Hollywood, the director Karan Malhotra gets confused and gives us a mediocre version of what could have been a big blockbuster.

Bollywood is back with the ‘Maa’ and ‘Karan- Arjun” syndrome. After ‘Baahubali’, this is another story of Brothers up in arms. The arena changes from war-zone to a mixed-martial arts arena. Akshay Kumar is good as the elder brother and does a great job, as he normally does, being an action hero. Siddharth Malhotra ”beats up” and gets ”beaten up” but uses the same expressions for both, thereby exposing his flaws and muscles simultaneously. Thankfully he doesn’t have many dialogues. Jackie Shroff is given an overdose of glycerine and alcohol and he does justice to both! If you see him smiling then you are watching the wrong movie.
As if Karan suddenly realizes that he is directing a Bollywood movie, Kareena Kapoor drops in to do an item number that is as hot as a melting igloo to an Ajay-Atul number that is a stale ”Chikni-Chameli” with a new name- Mary. And when she tries hard to gyrate and give that oomph appeal, one hopes that there were strict guidelines for casting for item numbers. The director takes a long time- the entire first half- to establish the premise sluggishly and you already know whats coming in the second half by then. To his credit, the action sequences and camerawork is comparable to that of its Hollywood counterpart. Wish you could say the same about the counterparts of Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte!

Though Jacqueline is as forgettable as her ex-fiancee, Ashutosh Rana, Shefali Shah and Kiran Kumar are highly effective in the brief roles that they have been given. In the end you wish you hadn’t been so adventurous and had stuck to watching ‘Warrior’, unless of course, you are a hard core Akshay Kumar fan.


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