David and Goliath

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On a weekend where you are hoping that Harry hadn’t met Sejal and was happy with Sally, you realize the importance of movies like ‘Gurgaon’ all the more. Helmed by cinematographer turned director – Shankar Raman- it reminds you of the dichotomy of life in developing countries like India. Classified as a predominantly dark movie, Shankar keeps himself true to his original profession and renders every frame with a lot of thought and meaning.
Set against the background of the modern city Gurgaon- a synonym for Delhi’s commercial ‘suburb’- it depicts the life of the Kehri Singh family. The patriarch (Pankaj Tripathi) drinks whisky and speaks in a garbled lingo reminding one of the Godfather Brando. He is troubled by his misogynist past and redeems himself by supporting his daughter (Ragini Khanna as Preet) over his son (Akshay Oberoi as Nikki Singh) and making her the heir of his real estate business. This leads to friction between the two siblings that leads to a dark episode that threatens to break the family.

Nikki speaks with his eyes, Kehri with his eyebrows while Preet is blunt and sensitive at the same time. Amir Bashir as Kehri’s brother (Bhupi) shares the same past as his brother and supports him in his most difficult moments, only to get entangled in the family dispute further.

At every moment the movie is what Gurgaon is all about- rising from ashes to be one of the most commercially developed city, brash and flamboyant yet hiding the real estate underbelly, noisy yet silent to depict the cold insensitivity. Shankar’s brilliance is carried forward by the well designed cast. The background music keeps the suspense growing. The silence speaks more than the dialogues.

Though it got barely a fraction of the number of screens of HMS, it leaves Harry (the Goliath) far behind.


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