Killa: A Quick Review

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Killa Poster 3Good Marathi films come with a formula: Simple story set in rural settings or a period drama, watertight script, cast with at least one naughty kid, ”postcard” frames cinematography, mellifluous music score and distributed/ co-produced by Esselvision.

Killa is a perfect fit for this formula. It helps that Avinash Arun the director also doubles as a cinematographer and captures Konkan in a language that supersedes any spoken words! While Amrita Subhash effortlessly essays the character of a widowed mother who gets transferred from Pune to a Konkan village and Archit Deodhar plays her emotionally struggling son- Chinmay- to perfection, it is Parth Bhalerao (Bandya) who has the audience in splits as his mischievous friend. In fact such are his expressions that the classroom scenes take you back in time, especially if you have ever been a naughty kid. The exam copying scene is classic and so is the bromance of the kids!
The film’s story is a one liner but its narration is so powerful that it gets written in your mind like a nostalgic book. Truly deserving of the National award and the awards it won at the Berlinale film festival last year.

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