Life: Spaced out

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Earlier this year Stephen Hawking had cautioned against exploring alien life in the universe. ‘Life’ is a story of an international space station jointly funded by – USA, Russia and China.
It is interesting to note the choice of the countries. One wonders if they foresaw the increasing closeness to Russia. China of course is always good from distribution perspective. I would think India would be added too when they have a sequel, which seems pretty likely with the unlikely ending that this movie has.
This movie is Aliens+Gravity and can be summed up in a statement that one of the characters Hugh (Ariyon Bakare) says: Civilization begins with Destruction. When the 6 member crew including David (Jake Gyllenhaal), Rory (Ryan Reynolds) and Miranda (Rebecca Fergusson) find a hibernating life on Mars, they bring it to life only to see it creating havoc and going on a killing spree.
While the story is as jaded as any Bollywood love story, the ‘horror- like’ direction and the camera movement combined with some good acting and VFX keeps you on the edge in this space thriller. Written by ‘Deadpool’ writers – Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick- there is barely any humor and thankfully no background stories or romance of any characters. There is a little bit of melodrama and some cliched scenes, but quickly forgotten as you chase the alien ‘Calvin’ through the space.
Nothing extraordinary.. just a breezy watch on a weekend evening.


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