Piku: A Quick Review

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Piku PosterJust like the name is an esoteric movie. You can narrate its story in a moment as it doesn’t have a ‘definitive storyline’. Yet its story is the daily life of its characters- Dee’piku’, her constipated father -Bhaskor Banerjee (played by  Big B) and the taxi owner Rana Chowdhury effortlessly enacted by Irrfan Khan.

Deepika is as brilliant with her nude makeup as she was in another similar road trip based movie -Finding Fanny. She keeps getting better with every movie and is a serious contender to the ‘serious actress’ spot currently hogged by Vidya Balan and Kangana. The Bengali girl living in Delhi character suits her every bit with her large expressive eyes and casual kurti wear.Can’t say the same with Amitabh who plays the Bengali father obsessed with his bowel movement. For once the Big B struggles to get in to a Bengali character and can’t shed the ‘UP’ out of his genes. Though , with his experience, he still manages to humorously essay the role of Bhaskorda (a name he last used in the epic ‘Anand’) and get in to literal toilet humour with hypochondriacal ‘theories of motion’. His most memorable scene is when he tries a new trick for his daily motion unsuccessfully and says ” Hua nahin.. Lekin kuch naya karne ko mila“.Irrfan evokes subtle humour with his tongue in cheek dialogues and passive aggression at times.Special mention of the voluptuous and effervescent Moushmi Chatterjee. So good to see her in Hindi cinema after a long time as the complaining sister-in-law of Bhaskor.

Shoojit Sircar deals suavely with the ‘loose motion’ theory after he pulled out a rabbit from the hat with ‘Vicky-Sperm-Donor’. Juhi Chaturvedi’s screen writing just flows with its characters and bring out the daily lives as if its happening in front of you. Special mention of the music that fits perfectly as a background score.
It is a movie of the actors, by the actors, for the audience! But don’t watch it right after having any food…

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