Sunday is for Happiness

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Sundays are the most important weekdays in a working person’s life. Some of us are keen to spend it with our families while others love to follow their passion. The story of 5 guys from different backgrounds wanting to play football on a Sunday soothes your weekend with a light hearted story that each one of us can relate to.

A Football game for them is an excuse for forgetting their daily struggles. While Mehernosh (Nakul Bhalla) uses it to vent his anger caused by his bullying boss, Jayesh (Jay Upadhyay) finds it a welcome ruse to run away from his joint family. Dominic ( Vishal Malhotra), Arjun (Varun Sobti) and Rashid (Avinash Tiwary) too have their own issues with life. But football is a common thread that binds them together and when they lose their usual playing ground, they go across the city to find a suitable space.
There is a twist in the tale when they bump in to a an Alzheimer affected old man (Shiv Subramanian) who is passionate about football too and has a pretty daughter Kavi (Shahana Goswami) who the charming Arjun falls for. This romance weaves the fabric of the movie with some fun moments from every character’s life. Tasneem (Rasika Duggal) as a single muslim mother and Rashid’s love interest and Rama Joshi as Dominic’s mother are the other unforgettable characters.

While Milind Dhaimade (director) handles his characters well and gives them sufficient support with back-stories and a yearning for living life, the cinematographer Harinder Singh brings about a new visual of Mumbai/Bombay that each one of us experiences almost everyday, yet ignores due to our busy lifestyles. Dhaimade’s portrayal of each religion/ community that the character belongs to is subtle, yet strongly builds the story around them with an underlying irony.

Finding a space for playing in the city has really become an arduous task and it is brought about beautifully by the cinematography. The music and background score are soothing and make the narrative flow. The struggles and survival of each character is nostalgic- their families, romance, office life- is that of a normal Mumbaikar. While most Bollywood movies run away from reality with their larger than life portrayal, this movie embraces life with a warm hug and gives it hope.

I watched it last Sunday.. Hope you can catch it before this Sunday!


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